BORA Pro Cooktop Extractor System with Integrated Fan All Black

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Intuitive Control Knob
The combination of a classic knob and a touch-operated surface with a razor-sharp LED display enables perfect control. All functions are easily, conveniently and intuitively activated by twisting the knob and tapping the central touch-operated surface.
DLC (diamond-like-carbon) coated
DLC (diamond-like-carbon) coated.
Automatic Cover Flap
The cover flap opens and closes automatically when the extractor is used. The integrated sensor technology reliably prevents items from getting trapped during closure. When switched off, the elegant system is fully closed.
Premium Design
Pioneering design language meets the highest standards with regard to materials and technology. The design highlights are the extractor and the sleek control knob with its stainless steel ring, black glass front and clear, white LED display.
Simple Cleaning
All parts that come into contact with cooking vapours can be easily removed through the accessible, wide inlet opening. They can then be cleaned in the dishwasher, where they take up very little space.
Integrated Grease Drip Pan
If anything is spilt during cooking, the integrated drip tray safely catches both solids and liquids.
Modular System
The extractor system can be freely combined with up to 8 different cooktops from surface induction to gas or Tepan. Multiple combinations with, for example, 3 cooktops and 2 extractors are also possible.
Automatic Extractor Control
The extractor power level automatically adjusts itself according to current cooking conditions. There’s no need for constant manual adjustment, which means you can focus fully on your cooking.
Maximum Storage Space
Thanks to the shallow installation height of the device, which fits in with the standard dimensions offered by all current kitchen manufacturers, and the built-in fans, there is maximum room for drawers in the cupboard underneath.
Integrated Fan
The cooktop extractor is also available as a compact system with an integrated fan and silencer.

Technical Data

Supply voltage 220 - 240 V
Frequency 50/60 Hz
Maximum power consumption 550 W
Maximum power rating 4.4 kW
Power supply cable length 2 m
Dimensions (width x depth x height) 468 x 540 x 199 mm
Weight (incl. accessories/packaging) 12.5 kg
Cooktop power levels 1 – 9, P
Dust Connection BORA Ecotube

Additional information

Weight 12.5 kg
Dimensions 46.8 × 54.0 × 19.9 cm