iQ700 glassdraftAir Downdraft Hood, 90cm, Clear Glass


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iQdrive motor

iQdrive motor

Making cooking even more enjoyable. The iQdrive motor within Siemens cooker hoods quickly and efficiently remove steam and unwanted smells so you can freshen your palette in no time. On top of this, they are refreshingly quiet, so you can focus on the sounds of your cooking.

Pleasantly quiet - iQdrive motor

Now you can have a relaxed conversation with your guests in the kitchen. The powerful motor with high extraction rate removes steam and odours especially quietly.

cookConnect system

Let your cooktop interact with your hood for even more convenience. Thanks to the cookConnect system, the hood now activates itself when you start cooking. Plus, the power level and the light can be adjusted either right on the cooktop or via the Home Connect App (with matching hood).

Home Connect

Information about your hob, no matter where you are – Home Connect App (Android and iOS).

The world of technological innovation constantly progresses. Step by step, more appliances become more connected and intelligent. With Wi-Fi-enabled Siemens home appliances and Home Connect, this development finally makes its way into your home. The synergy of Wi-Fi-enabled appliances, intelligent software and an intuitive app offers a wide range of options. While some ease the workload and some open up completely new possibilities, all of them make everyday life as efficient and comfortable as never before. And you can spend more time on the things you like. For a life less ordinary.

Filter Saturation

Filter Saturation

The Home Connect App enables you to comfortably take a look at the status of the grease filter and the carbon filter in your hood. It automatically reminds you when you need to clean, exchange or regenerate them in order to ensure maximum performance of your hood at any time.


Have your kitchen under control. With touchControl, you can easily manage the power level and the LED light of your hood with just the touch of a button. No matter which setting you need, the touchControl function reacts immediately.

Intensive setting with automatic revert

There are many situations in which steam temporarily bursts out of the pan and into the kitchen. Whenever this happens, the intensive setting with automatic revert immediately activates the highest extraction rate – and goes back to the normal working mode when the steamy part of cooking is over.

Technical Information

Material of the body Glass
Type of control Electronic
Type of control setting devices touch control
Motor location Integrated motor in hood body
Ventilation type Convertible
Connection Rating (kW) 300 W
Current (A) 10 A
Nominal power (kW) 220-240 V
Frequency (Hz) 50-60 Hz
Approval certificates CE
Length electrical supply cord (cm) 130 cm
Plug type Gardy plug w/ earthing

Additional information

Weight 48.1 kg
Dimensions 95.9 × 91.2 × 14 cm