iQ700 Downdraft Hood, 90cm, Clear Glass Black Printed



Add-ons total:


LED light

The energy-saving LED lighting provides optimal visibility for your workspace so you can concentrate on your next masterpiece.

Intensive setting with automatic revert

There are many situations in which steam temporarily bursts out of the pan and into the kitchen. Whenever this happens, the intensive setting with automatic revert immediately activates the highest extraction rate – and goes back to the normal working mode when the steamy part of cooking is over.

Technical Information

Material of the body Glass
Stainless steel
Type of control Electronic
Type of control setting devices glasstouch
touch control
Motor location Integrated motor in hood body
Ventilation type Convertible
Connection Rating (kW) 317 W
Current (A) 10 A
Nominal power (kW) 220-240 V
Frequency (Hz) 50-60 Hz
Approval certificates CE
Length electrical supply cord (cm) 150 cm
Plug type GB plug

Additional information

Weight 51.3 kg
Dimensions 103.8 × 91.2 × 26.8 cm