BORA Classic Tepan stainless steel grill with 2 cooking zones

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Accurate Temperature Control

Instead of specific power levels, on the Tepan stainless steel grill the desired surface temperature can be set to the precise degree. In other words, the necessary power is automatically adjusted. After reaching the target setting the temperature is constantly adjusted in the event of any changes to external conditions (e.g. when cold meat is placed on the grill) and is kept constant.

Accurate Temperature Display

The current temperature of the Tepan is always accurately displayed down to the last degree.

Rapid Heating

Thanks to the use of the latest full-surface micanite heating element and the high heating power, the heating time is significantly reduced and the heat is more evenly distributed over the whole grill area.

Stainless Steel Grill Area with Two Cooking Zones

Large, full-surface stainless steel grill with two cooking zones that can be controlled separately (front/back).

Designed for Optimum Cleaning

Thanks to the all-stainless steel design of the Tepan grill and its rounded inner corners, the grill area can be cleaned quickly and easily without using chemicals.

Cleaning Function

The cleaning function constantly adjusts the Tepan stainless steel grill to achieve an optimum cleaning temperature of 70°C.

Bridging Function

With the bridging function, two cooking zones can be simply combined to make one large cooking zone. The power for the combined zone is regulated by a control element.


After a time set by the user, the timer triggers a visual and acoustic signal.

Demo Mode

The appliance can be set to demo mode via the settings menu, which provides all operating functions, however, the heating function of the cooktops is deactivated.

Technical Data

Supply voltage 220 – 240 V
Frequency 50/60 Hz
Maximum power consumption 3.5 kW
Maximum power rating 3.5 kW
Minimum fuse protection 1 x 16 A
Power supply cable length 1.5 m
Dimensions (width x depth x height) 327 x 515 x 73 mm
Weight (incl. accessories/packaging) 13.6 kg
Surface material Brushed stainless steel
Size of front cooking zone 250 x 220 mm
Size of rear cooking zone 250 x 220 mm
Bridged cooking zone dimensions 250 x 440 mm
Front cooking zone output 1750 W
Rear cooking zone output 1750 W
Bridged cooking zone power 3500 W
Temperature control range 70 – 250°C
Temperature control range (Power levels) 150 – 230 °C, 250 °C (1 – 9, P)

Additional information

Weight 13.6 kg
Dimensions 32.7 × 51.5 × 7.3 cm