BORA Multi Drawer 140mm

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Best performance - Powerful and versatile

The BORA multi-drawer’s pre-sets make it extremely versatile: you can use it to pre-heat plates and dishes, cook at low temperatures, regenerate or defrost food, or simply to keep meals warm. When using the deeper version of the BORA multi drawer, you can even work on two levels, helping you perfectly conjure up even demanding menus!

Best materials

The BORA multi-drawer is exclusively made with carefully selected materials. The harmonious composition of a glass front, glass base and refined metal components makes it a high-quality and durable kitchen aid.

Touch display / Sound feedback / Icons

The self-explanatory icons on the touchscreen operating panel enable simple operation supported by acoustic signals.

Minimalist design

The minimalist design of the BORA multi-drawer focuses on the bare essentials and impresses with a flush, handleless finish. This enables it to discreetly integrate into any contemporary kitchen. The ‘All Black’ design of the BORA glass front panel gives it a modern appearance – especially in combination with the matching BORA X BO Flex oven.

Push2Open - easy opening

A light press on the front panel automatically unlocks the BORA multi-drawer. This then opens slightly, ready to be fully opened with ease.

Simple cleaning

All of the BORA multi-drawer’s surfaces are easy to access and therefore quick to clean. The sophisticated design has no sharp edges or joints, so everything is gleamingly clean again in a flash.

Individual control options

The BORA multi-drawer can be easily operated using a wide range of presets by simply tapping the illustrative icons on the touchscreen operating panel. Experienced users can also customise the temperature and duration of the desired heating process.

BORA Connectivity

The BORA multi-drawer can be networked with the BORA X BO Flex oven. This enables users to operate it via the BORA X BO’s large, 19-inch display and configure all presets and special programmes for both devices. It also gives them access to additional BORA multi-drawer functions.

Technical Data

Dimensions (width x height x depth) 559 x 140 x 537 mm
Supply voltage 220 – 240 V
Frequency 50 / 60 Hz
Maximum power consumption 810 W
Minimum fuse protection 1 x 16 A
Power supply cable length 1.8 m
Weight 16.4 kg
Weight (incl. accessories/packaging) 19.2 kg
Dimensions oven chamber (width x height x depth) 525 x 97 x 410 mm
Oven chamber volume 20 l
Maximum loading weight 25 kg
Time stages 1 – 6
Temperature levels 1 – 6
Temperature control range 30 – 100 °C
Power supply cable type C13 / E + F


Additional information

Weight 16.4 kg
Dimensions 55.9 × 14 × 53.7 cm