Bora at JCK Kitchens and Interiors Galway

BORA Classic 2.0


BORA Classic is a combination of a high-quality extractor and various powerful cooktops.

Minimalist design

Thanks to the totally flush and minimalist design of the extractor and cooktops, BORA Classic 2.0 blends in inconspicuously into modern kitchen designs. In standby mode the operating panel is barely visible and even when it is on, intelligent lighting means that it is always scaled down to the essentials.


Oversized 4/24 cooking area

Thanks to the central operating panel on the extractor, no space is taken up by controls on the cooktop and BORA Classic 2.0 offers room to cook with 4 large pots measuring up to 24cm at the same time. Particularly large surface induction cooking zones guarantee that even large pots or roasters are fully and consistently heated through.


Simple cleaning

Parts that come into direct contact with cooking vapours can be easily removed through the wide, easily accessible air inlet opening and cleaned in the dishwasher. As the components take up very little space, there is still plenty of room for your pots and pans.


Modular system

BORA Classic 2.0 offers a wide range of cooktops from surface induction to gas or Tepan stainless steel grill, which can be freely combined with the extractor system. Combinations with one, three or more cooktops are also possible.


Automatic extractor control

The extractor power level is automatically adjusted based on the current cooking behaviour. This gives you more time to cook as constant manual adjustment of the extractor controls is no longer necessary.


Precise temperature control

The Tepan stainless steel grill offers maximum power, 2 large grilling zones and unique, precise temperature control. The desired temperature can be set directly down to the last degree and is accurately maintained. Rapid heating to 250°C in under 5 minutes saves time and energy.